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Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World Entry Ticket

Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World Entry Ticket
24.14 €
Editor's review :          
Activity type : Excursions and guided tours
City : Auckland
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Plunge under Auckland's waterfront and you'll discover spectacular secrets of the Southern Ocean and see the magic of an Antarctic fantasyland, complete with Penguins strutting in fresh snow and ice!

Head for the Antarctic Encounter, where you'll be taken back in time to the life-sized replica hut of intrepid South Pole explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott. Come out of the hut and into an Antarctic snowcat, where you're transported to a magical world of snow and ice. Frolicking in the white wilderness is a colony of sub-Antarctic Penguins. From your snowcat, you'll get a fantastic fish eye view of the birds as they swim underwater.

After your Antarctic encounter; head to the Amazon tank to view the deadly Piranha. Now step onto the moving walkway in the Underwater World, you'll come face-to-face with a Broadnosed Sevengill Shark, proudly displaying some of the most powerful jaws on the planet.

You're travelling in a clear tunnel, surrounded by two million litres of ocean water and the hundreds of awesome sea creatures within it - you're just centimetres away from a Bronze Whaler and a two-metre wide Stingray!

There's so many sea creatures for you to enjoy at Kelly Tarlton's, including the Moray Eels, magical Seahorses, huge Crayfish and some of the worlds most poisonous fish.

There's even a special learning place [The NIWA Discovery Room - located next to the exit] where children can see, feel and hear the special sea creatures including Snuggles the Octopus, who changes color and texture to match his surroundings!

Stingray Bay Now Open:

Stingray Bay shows off Kelly Tarlton's stingrays to their best advantage in a giant 350,000 litre open topped acrylic tank allowing visitors to view these remarkable winged creatures at close quarters. There will be opportunities to learn more about the stingrays from staff as you can now hand feed them.

Ref : E-22933-AU

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