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La Brière

 A cow walking round the marsh land

A veritable labyrinth of islands and water, la Brière is the second largest marsh land in France, after the Camargue.

With its nearly 40,000 hectares of peat bogs, ponds, and canals the National Regional Park is home to an exceptional variety of animal life.

As you walk through the park you'll get a chance to see the "tourist" villages of Saint-Malo-de-Guersac (lock-keeper's house) on the island of Fedrun, and the restored village of Kerhinet. Since the 1500s, the 17,000 hectares of la Brière have belonged to 21 independent communities.

If you would like to wander off the "beaten path", take a stroll through the hamlets of Pentille, Camerun, and Mayun... But to get the most out of your visit to the park the best way to go is by boat (chaland).

These small boats are available for rent (with a guide) in the little ports of: île de Fédrun (Saint-Joachim), Port de Bréca (Saint-Lyphard), Port de la Chaussée Neuve (Saint-André-des-Eaux), Port des Fossés Blancs (La Chapelle-des-Marais), Port des Prises du Coin (Herbignac).

Information about your visit to the park :

- Price per person to visit the park on a "chaland" with a guide (who propels the boat along with a pole) (or sometimes with a motor) 100 to 150FF. For more than three people, the price drops to 40F for each additional person.

- If you'd like to see the park on foot, you can take advantage of the many well marked trails. You can even take a three-day walking tour of the Grande Brière. In the winter and spring, some of the trails may not be accessible because they are underwater.

A typical "brièronne" house with its thatch roof

 front door A typical brièronne house with its thatch roof

click on the photos to enlarge them.

177, île de Fédrun B.P. 3 - 44720 Saint-Joachim
Phone. . 02 40 91 68 68 - Fax. . 02 40 91 60 58 

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Photos of the Brière taken from a kite KAPiste

Since 1970 la Brière has been protected by its status as a Regional Park. However, little by little, the peat bogs are beginning to sink into the mud, because the canals are no longer being cleaned out, the reeds are no longer being but back, and dry land is being to take over.


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