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9-Day Nile Adventure Tour with Sleeper Train to Aswan from Cairo

9-Day Nile Adventure Tour with Sleeper Train to Aswan from Cairo
542.88 €
Activity type : Excursions and guided tours
City : Cairo
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Get the perfect introduction to Egypt, the land of pharaohs, pyramids, temples and the Nile River. This tour explores the old country where the Nile River is viewable from the Mediterranean Sea to Sudan. Experience Egypt from A to Z in just 9 days, including visits to amazing temples and pyramids with a stay under the stars on the Nile River.

Day 1: Arrival
Arrive at Cairo airport where you will meet a driver holding a sign with your name. You will be transferred to your hotel in Cairo where you will meet representative who will give you more information about your trip to Egypt.

Day 2: Cairo - Giza Pyramids - Aswan
Start the day with an amazing visit to the world famous pyramids in Egypt. See the three famous pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, the oldest and largest statue in Egypt. Then head to see the oldest tombs and step pyramids in Sakkara. Transfer to your hotel in Egypt. You will take sleeper train to Aswan.

Day 3: Aswan
Arrive to Aswan around 10am where you will be transferred to your hotel to for some rest and free time. When it's time, you will visit the Philae Temple, the Unfinished Obelisk and the famous High Dam of Aswan which, after completion in 1971, created Lake Nasser. You will have a free night in your hotel.

Day 4: Felucca cruise from Aswan
After breakfast, check in aboard the Nile Felucca cruise. Spend the night on the Felucca. You will enjoy your day tour by sailing on the Nile River.

Day 5: Felucca Sailing
Free day which is a great day for sailing down the Nile River while enjoying the amazing views of local Egypt.

Day 6: Felucca - Luxor
In the morning, you will arrive in Kom Ombo to visit the temple of Sobek, the Crocodile goddess. See the famous museum of crocodiles in Kom Ombo.Then head to Edfu temple where you can see the most preserved and completed temple in Egypt. In the afternoon there will be a tour of the East Bank of Luxor. Experience the massive Karnak temple and the historic Luxor temple. Spend the night at your hotel in Luxor.

Day 7: Luxor
After breakfast tour the West Bank of Luxor. The tour starts with a visit to the Valley of Kings where you can see the best tombs in Egypt, which were carved in the mountain for the pharaohs, the great Colossi of Memnon, the last remains of Amenophis III's and the huge temple for Hatshepsut. Then take the overnight A/C bus back to Cairo.

Day 8: Cairo
Arrive back at the hotel in Cairo. After a short rest in your hotel, you will be taken on a city tour where you can see the Egyptian museum, Alabaster Mosque of Muhammad Ali, and the Coptic Church (hanging church). You will be transferred back to your hotel in Cairo after the tour.

Day 9: Departure
After breakfast take your memories with you on the flight back home.

Ref : E-129829-CA

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