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Lama village

Genuine old Lama village

A few kilometres from Rousset Island and Calvi, there is another Corsica, more authentic, more rural and orientated towards the conservation of its land.

Here, in the middle of the country Ostriconi, tourism is not considered to be an end but since a splendid means of reconversation. A way to turing interior to the deserts of the island.

While assuring the promotion of its charms, richess and values. A way of offering a supplementary benefit in seaside vacations while promoting extraordinary natural and cultural heritage.

A peace of mind in Lamba

Lama village looks like pioneer in this micro-area.

A old village of warriors not far from Monte Astu, today's"madieval classified village", there are these hamlets which died with the lack of population and even today less than 100 villagers live there in the winter.

A old house in Lama village

Lama is ideal starting point for a region discovery : that have the splendid Ostriconi beach, that is very close to Agriates Desert, That have other Ostriconi villages(Novella,Pietrelba,Urtaca and Palasca) that have Monte Astu where the countless tracks etxremely appreciated by the hikers...

Especially Lamba is a village of ambience. His old traditional village houses always have a window or a opened door for a passenger.

Here,the reception tradition is still very respected and they are not responsible for guests delightful small local tables(which favour the traditional recipes and the best land products ) who will bring a denial.

Legends illustrations

1 : Lama is an authentic old warrior village which privileged the discriptions of its land and the reception of the visitor.

2 : Lama, life is quiet and easygoing under the hot Corsican sun.

3 : An old village house, some flowers for colour, an ancient millstone close to wall : Lama is also a village of ambience.

Text : Philippe CHAVANNE - Photos : Alice DELVAILLE


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Where are you going ?
What do you want to do ?