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Cuba, photos and information

Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco Located about 45 miles to the north of Moron, Cayo Coco is a spectacular island, spanning more than 220 square miles. To get there, you can take the man made road built right in the middle of the Caribbean ...

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Magnifique ville coloniale

Les belles américaines...
Old automobiles

La Havane

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Ancienne exploitation sucrière
Valle de Los Ingenios

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Site of the Month

Fidel must not allow a lot of Cubans to use webcams...

So, if you know of any, write to us


What's the temperature in Varadero, what's the weather like in Trinidad?

The day's satellite images

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Staying with the locals

Staying in a Cuban's home is your guarantee to getting to know the local people in their own element. It is also an opportunity to make new and interesting friends. With photos and helpful information, this organization offers you the possibility of finding room and board in a Cuban's home or in a boarding house

( see Havana , Guanabo , Santiago )

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Are you looking for a plane ticket to Havana, a week of room and board in Varadéro?

Check out the page "The best deals of the day" and travel smart!

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