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Cayo coco

Road to Cayo CocoCayo Coco Located about 45 miles to the north of Moron, Cayo Coco is a spectacular island, spanning more than 220 square miles.

To get there, you can take the man made road built right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and more precisely, the archipelago of Camguey.

But in order to use this road, the Pédraplén, which is nearly 20 miles long, you must first show your passport , because access to Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo is forbidden to Cubans ( a part from those who work in the tourism industry there.)

All you have to do is stop right in the middle of this road that just seems to rise up out of the sea to wonder at the insanity of man, building a road with no land around for miles on either side.

Cayo Coco - Pink Flamingo You'll find yourself in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by paradise, with the panorama of the Sea and pink flamingos before you, and with the sad feeling that human vanity pushes us to build monuments whose only use is the comfort of tourists.

On the island the zebus, pigs and wild horses are the only creatures that actually appear free, surrounded by remarkable flora and fauna that are appreciated by naturalists and ornithologists from all over the world.

This is also the location of the largest colony of pink flamingos in the world. In the spring, great numbers of them come to the island for mating season.

They spend the rest of their time with their heads under the water eating and filtering the plankton and the carotene that gives them their pink color.

Cayo Coco BeachOnce you arrive on the island, you'll be equally taken aback when you take the road to Cayo Guillermo which goes straight through a jungle and which no Cuban has the right to use.

The luxury hotels there offer you the privilege of take a dip in the water and walk on the fine sand of nine magnificent beaches.


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