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Cuban Cigars

The capitol of Cuba has given its name to one of the most famous of Caribbean products, known throughout the world: The Havana Cigar, an exceptional cigar, reserved for the elite since it was discovered in the early 20th century by the great clubs of London.

Tabacco Leaf

The Havana cigar is 100% Cuban as the three different leaves that make it up come from the Island.

The tobacco plants are cultivated , for the most part, to the southwest of Havana, in region of the Vuelta Abajo.

The dull and gritty leaves of the Cuban tobacco plant grow in the winds that are specific to the island and from which it gets all its wonderful taste.

The leaves are left to ripen and ferment near San Luis and Pinar del Rio, before they are delivered to the tobacco factories in Havana.

Cigar Factory

The industry became nationalized when Fidel Castro came to power, but the prestigious manufacturers continued to produce Havana cigars.

Due to the American embargo, the industry was forced to turn towards the European markets.

Only the crown, the ring around the cigar has disappeared and has been replaced with new labels. Originally, the silk ribbon was used to keep the cigar from staining the cream colored gloves worn by smokers at the time.

In 1981, the Cuban government launched a new brand, Cohiba. The brand was originally intended for official guests to Cuba but soon became a product for exportation. Havana cigarrs continue to be the favorite of cigar enthusiasts.

The Montecristo, the best selling Cuban cigar, Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, Partagas... all offer a wide variety of sizes, and models, with diverse flavors and tastes.

The larger Havana cigars such as the Churchill from Hoyo de Monterrey (17,7 cm) or the Sanchos from Sancho Panza (23,5 cm) are often the smoothest.

Cigar RollerTorcedors or cigar rollers envelop the tobacco in leaves, wrap this in another leaf, that is chosen for its quality and color.

They make more than 60 million cigars a year in a 1000 different varieties.
Like all cigars, Havana cigars are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature.

That's why they have their own special boxes called fumidors.

Before you try one, you should air it out for a while. Don't let it heat up too fast and take a drag on it before you light it up.

The Most Famous Cigars:

 Cigar Selection

- The Cohiba Robusto, the only brand created after the Revolution. 12.4 centimeters of sheer power for men.
- N°2 from Montecristo, the best selling brand. 15, 6 cm, gritty and dull in color.
- N°2 from Gloria Cubana, For real cigar aficianados. 17 cm to savor after a good meal.
- Churchill from Hoyo de Monterrey, a subtle, but an absolute must.. 17, 7 cm of strong, earthy flavors.
- Sanchos from Sancho Panza, an extraordinary cigar. 23,5 cm, a very special but rare cigar that is difficult to find.


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