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Cuba's strong points : Cuban Cocktails 


-The richness and beauty of its architecture
-The subtropical climate that lasts all year round
-Its verdant countryside and white sandy beaches with an average water temperature of 27°.
-The best cigars in the world and the Ron de Cuba Havana Club.

Thanks, Pernod! 

-The typically Cuban presence of music everywhere you go, on the terrace of cafés in Havana and in all the other major cities in Cuba.

Attention: the music especially put together for tourists is not always the authentic stuff since, the real music has been sent overseas and is not necessarily the music that Cubans listen to at home. Perhaps real Cuban music is somewhere else.

-The warm welcome of its people,. "You want cigars ???" "
-Its refreshing cocktails that make you want to dance the danzon and the salsa.
-The very classic Spanish that the Cubans speak, which makes it very easy for foreigners to understand (not like the accents and regional pronunciations of Catalan and Sevillian Spanish).
-The beautiful antique American cars that are still driven around the roads of the Island despite the absence of spare parts for more than fifty years. Kudos to the mechanics!
-Exceptional flora and fauna. Cuba is a garden of Eden that has been preserved from all nuclear production of electricity. The only nuclear facility on the island, in Cienfuegos, was never completed by the Soviets.
-The very rich past of the "Little Green Lizard with eyes of water and stone".
-La Revolucion.

Cuba's weak points:

Cuba my love!-The absence of a varied selection of foods available in restaurants because of shortages and the embargo.The basis of each meal is rice and red beans. Chicken is for the rich.
-The beaches, hotels, restaurants and special sites reserved exclusively to tourists.
-The presence of the Almighty Dollar and its terrestrial incarnation: the tourist.
-The fact that the Cubans don't sell T-shirts to tourists that say "No quiero cigars !"
-The poor living conditions of the Cuban population and especially the uncertainty of the future for this exceptional island.

The embargo.


Find activity
Where are you going ?
What do you want to do ?