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The Island of Milos - Cyclades

Milos, Grèce, vue de la mer

The island whose ambassador is the Venus de Milo is exceptional for the wide variety of landscapes that it offers.

The fascinating white rocks at Sara Kinikos, the multicolored cliffs, its deserted little coves and their turquoise colored waters, the steep, narrow roads that wind through the mountain, etc.

All make for a natural and diversified beauty that will take your breath away. If you like nature and the peace and clean air it has to offer, you'll certainly enjoy your stay.

Milos, Grèce, Baie de Milos

The golf of Adamas forms a large, natural port, but also an immense lagoon which has become the favorite spot for sailboarders and other lovers of water sports.

Though there is a relative lack of organized lodging for tourists (one, quite modern, camp site at Archivadolmini), as in the rest of the Greek Isles, the locals will be happy to rent you a room.

You can find out more about this at the Tourist Office across from the pier at the port. There is also a shuttle bus available when you get off the boat to take you directly to the camp grounds. Even when it's full to the brim, you'll always find a place to pitch your tent.

Milos, Grèce, rocher

Don't miss:

To the north, Klima, a sweet little fishing port with its picturesque houses. Don't miss the marvelous Roman theater, near Klima. The Venus de Milo was discovered near this theater in the 2nd century.
    Plaka, the main town on the island has become a bit too touristy.
    Sarakiniko, and its white rocks and cliffs.
    Sikia, and its underwater caves that the sea has dug out from the land.
    Haghias Constantinos, and its houses with boat hangers on the first floor that open out onto a beautiful turquoise sea.
    Archivadolmini, the largest beach on the island, with a splendid lagoon. Just next to the camp grounds.

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