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Soufrière volcano

It is the highest point in Guadeloupe at 4,813 feet.


The volcano is situated north of Basse-Terre, right near Carbet Falls. The summit is nearly always fogged in, but the climb up is worth it. 



Numerous fumaroles give off a disagreeable odor of ammonia and rotten eggs; the smell is awful, but the countryside is superb.

The site offers various hikes: the Chamber of Commerce of the Island has put together a brochure which describes a number of possible hikes. Soufriere is not overloaded with tourists. The place is generally calm even in the high season. 


 You should always check the weather before beginning your climb and tell a forest ranger as well.

But don't count too much on seeing the summit of the volcano, because that has more to do with luck than with planning.


A hike to La Soufriere is accessible to anyone who is sufficiently well-equipped. Other hikes are interesting as well (like the walk to the crater of La Citerne)...

Contact The Basse-Terre tourist office for information and maps of this area, which is halfway between the virgin forest and the moon!



Find activity
Where are you going ?
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