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Island of Burano (north of Venice)

island of Burano

We at AZUREVER.COM fell in love with Burano practically at first sight !

Located just north of Venise, it is a magnificent, enchanting place, and a good destination if you would like to get away from the crowds in Venice.

The ride over by vaperetto is an experience in itself.

The lagoon is beautiful, and as you sail toward Burano you can admire the cemetery island (San Michele), Murano, the island of San Francesco del Deserto (St Francis of Assisi stayed there), and a few smaller islands here and there.

Burano lace maker

The island is known throughout the world for it specialty: Burano lace. You'll find it for sale all over the island.

There is even a lace museum, which tells the epic story of the Burano lace makers. An interesting visit.

Entrance is free for those who present their ticket from the Doges Palace in Venice... a good thing to know, because there won't necessarily be a sign. 


Burano Fisherman

Burano built its reputation on the lace which has been made there for centuries, but it is also a thriving fishing village; its canals lined with small, brightly colored houses. The atmosphere in Burano is serene and typically Italian.

The magic of all the different colors, the wonderful odors emanating from the market, the laundry hanging from window ledges... we loved it all!

If you look from a distance, you'll see that the bell tower leans to one side, just like the tower of Pisa. 

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