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Mask making in Venice

The masks produced in Venice are known throughout the world. Venetian masks are copied everywhere (imitation is the highest form of flattery!). Even if the basic masks all look alike, they only take on their special charms in Venice!

In the 15th century, the use of masks for the carnival of Venice had become so widespread that mask makers were considered real artisans. An art in its own right, each mask designer has his or her own little secrets that make his or her masks special.

le magasin à voir!!                                  Ideas:
Go to 575 Ruga del Spezier, near the Rialto fish market. On the left hand side of the street you'll find a shop where two lovely Venetian women make these famous masks.

They speak foreign languages and would be happy to show you how they go about creating masks. 

Mask Making: After making a sculpting the plaster mold for the mask, the mold is filled with three layers of special white or colored paper, and brushed with a mixture of glue and water.

Then the artist waits for the mask to dry and paints the mask entirely.


So much for the theory, in reality, artists take hours to put the finishing touches on their masks. The masks are sanded down, made to look old with a special brown paint, and then the background layer of paint goes on.

Then there are all the hand-pianted designs and other finishing touches, such as pieces of fabric among other things.

Some of the masks are veritable masterpieces, so beautiful in fact, that it would be a shame to wear them! These masks are used decoration only. And of course the better quality the mask, the more you will pay for it...some prices seem a bit exaggerated. 

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