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Venice (Venezia)

Venice is one of those places that everyone knows... by name. It has    become so famous, that we at AZUREVER.COM wanted to find out why. So we decided to check it out for you.

              le carnaval de Venise

Venice has treasures and pleasures for all kinds of tastes: lovers stroll on St Mark's Square, people who like to party go to carnival. From any of the three bridges on the grand canal you'll admire the surprising architecture of this great city.

You can visit the island of Burano for the peaceful atmosphere there and for its lace, or hop on a vaporetto to the island of Murano to visit the glassblowing factories there.

Don't be afraid to walk around in the local neighborhoods for that authentic Italian experience.

See the laundry hanging from window sills in Dorsoduro, discover San Polo and Santa Croce... without forgetting a nocturnal promenade during which the city will unveil all its mysterious splendors to you...

      Venise, le grand canal

Even if its worldwide reputation  brings with it hoards of tourist, it is still a very magical destination. The construction of the city on piles is unbelievable. The Rialto bridge  alone lays atop 6 thousand of these wooden piles.


on the banks of the grand canal

         île de Burano

However, you need to take advantage of every moment you spend in Venice and organize your time very carefully. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But only very few people regret the investment. Begin your tour of Venice!

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