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Pays de la Loire

Blois Castle - Château de Blois

Blois Castle


The Château Royal de Blois is a veritable French architectural treasure.

The Royal Residence in Blois was the home to French Kings and Queens for more than four centuries.

Louis XII, François I, Catherine de Medici (and her cupboards full of poison)... Here's a little reminder of your French history lessons in school : it was in the King's chamber of this chateau that Duc de Guise was assassinate by the Henri III. Yes, right there next to the bed.

The Duchess Anne de Bretagne died here in 1514.

A few excerpts from famous travel journals:

You see, at, we're not the only ones talk about our travels. (Loose translations from the French)

-"Blois, birthplace of my lady, sojourn of kings and of my own desire",

-"It appeared very beautiful to me and I think it would be difficult to find a more pleasant and joyful sight for the eyes."
La Fontaine.

.-"I saw a thousand windows at once, a regular yet confused piling up of houses, of steeples, a chateau... With each step, a souvenir.",
Victor Hugo.

Thanks to our reporters

Every evening from April 29th to September 16th, there is a sound and Light show at the Chateau.

Open year round (except for Christmas and New Year's Day)

You can visit the Chateau on your own or with a guide. Your ticket gives you access to the royal apartments, the Fine Arts Museum, to the Gaston D'Orléans Cupola, to the chapelle Saint-Calais, the Lapidary Museum, the Archeology Rooms and to the cloister of Saint-saturnin. Prices:normal 38FF.

There is a parking lot about 150 yards from the Chateau, in front of the Blois tourist office, on avenue Jean-Laigret.
Phone. 02 54 90 33 32

Cheverny Castle - Château de Cheverny

Cheverny Castle

Don't tell us this building doesn't remind you of something!

Well? Tintin, Hergé... Captain Hadock's Chateau. Got it?

Although many of the Chateaux in the Loire today only contain empty rooms devoid of furnishings, the Château de Cheverny has an exceptionally rich collection of original furniture, from Louis XIII to Empire style.

Its collection of tapestries has not lost much of its original color. The scenes painted on the paneling in the dining room, the coffered ceiling in the King's chamber (superb) and the grand ceremonial staircase make this an absolutely gorgeous place to visit.

The chateau has been open to the public since 1922. You can also take a walk in the park around the chateaux or take a boat ride on one of the canals, for a price of course.

15 km southwest of Blois near Cour-Cheverny.
Open year round
Phone: 02 54 79 96 29


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