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Pays de la Loire

Chenonceau Castle - Château de Chenonceau

Chenonceau (without an x) is the chateau
Chenonceaux (with an x) is the name of the village

Chenonceau Castle






The elegant barrier built across the Cher river, the Chateau de Chenonceau is a jewel of Renaissance architecture.

Built in the 16th century, it owes its development to two women: Diane de Poitiers, Henri II's mistress, who was given the Chateau to live in by the king, and Catherine de Medici, his wife, who, when he died in 1559, forced her rival out of the Château.

Catherine had the three story gallery built on the bridge that spans the Cher.


 Boat rentals on the bank of the Cher

Just as for any of the great châteaux, you can't see it without first entering the park. The parking lot is always very full but close to the to the entry. You may have to wait a while to get in, but the price is very reasonable.

The Chateau is located at the end of a long, shady horse path. There is also a less direct but less hectic way of getting in by taking the path to your left, which goes through the forest and takes you to the bank of the Cher.

Chenonceau (château and park) is remarkably well kept, the trails and sites are very well marked out, everything is explained to you... it's a star among chateaux.

It's certainly true that is a very pretty chateau. Your camera lens will love it (remember your wide angle lens). The interior is in perfect condition and the kitchen is absolutely superb.


The building is full of charming little nooks and crannies.

We really liked the two gardens on either side of the entrance (practical for avoiding too much backlighting), they will allow you to see the chateau in its entirety.

Another nice idea is to rent a boat (to the left, in the moat, 10 FF) and there you go, in three or four strokes of the oars you're on the Cher with an unbelievable view of the building.

 main hall

On your way back to the parking lot, don't hesitate to veer to your left, and take a look at an "authentic" village.

It is both calm and cute, and you can even meet the Chateau's gardeners there.

History Lesson (Undocumented!).

-The Chateau has survived all attempts to destroy it. The first time, during the French revolution because it was used as a" bridge", and the next time during World War 2, because it was a "Chateau".
-During World War 1, it was transformed into a hospital.

Entrance Price: 50F (40F children 7 to 15)

Phone. 02 47 23 90 07 


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