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Saint Germain des Pres

The World of Litterature all in one neighborood!

If you were to say that Saint Germain des Près is similar to any other neighborhood in Paris, it would be because of its singularity!

Everything started...

This neighborhood came to life thanks to the power it had of attracting intellectuals of the 17th century. As they came by Saint Germain, these artists left their imprints full of talent, deeply covering the streets of their litterary mark. A reason to believe that Saint Germain inspires...

Talking inspiration, the "cafe Flore", the "Deux Magots" (The Two Bundles) and the "Brasserie Lip"p weren't lacking of any. In these cafe's, debates among wise men stired emotions.

Nowadays, these cafe's are still trendy, and the "brasserie Lipp" will fill you to satisfaction.

Literary discovery of the neighborhood

The tablets found on the walls of the many houses, once occupied by Jean Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and many other big names, are little bits of memories that bring us to realize that the cobbles, buried under our feet, were once trampled by literary geniuses.

Walk by "rue des grands Augustins", where Picasso finished "Guernica"; On 31 rue de Seine, discover the building where George Sand lived in 1931 ; On rue Bonaparte, she was Edouard Manet's inspiration.

Nowadays, the literary atmosphere hasn't faded away, it has thrilled and convinced art galleries to settle in.

They have all gathered on Rue de Seine. In the middle of this artistic concentration, you will find the « Bistro Ernest ».

In height and in color, it has preserved the stretchiness and the mural decoration of its neighboring galleries. Posters and pictures adorn the walls, while jazzy tunes float in the air…

Saint Germain is a all about art and culture. Hit the streets and uncover the many art galleries, people selling autographs (a couple of words from Cocteau, Verlaine, Wagner, Pagnol…), booksellers…

Time for a break from all this literature: on the benches of "Place Saint Germain des Près", on those made out stone and shaped like books on the Square of Gabriel Pierre, on the steps of the Eglise Saint Sulpice.

Saint Germain can surprise and astonish you on another level …

Stuffed animals in the middle of the city

At number 46, Rue du Bac, you will find a strange display… Foxes dressed like gardeners… You're facing "boutique Deyrolle". Gardening tools, maps on the ground floor.

At this point nothing surprising. It's on the next floor, where a quiet horse welcomes you, that things start getting weird: the store gradually turns into a silent animal house! These animals, as real as life, are obviously dead, but are far from being shabby.

A lion living with polar bears, zebras dining with an antelope, a rabbit, a buffalo, a hen, a fox… An unusual floor that you would never even think of as you're entering the store. Suspicious ? Check it out for yourself; you won't regret it.

Quartier Saint Germain des Près

Métro Saint Germain des Près (line 4)


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Tourist Center

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