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The frigate D.Fernando II e Gloria


The frigate Fernando II e Gloria is one of the jewels of the Portuguese fleet. The boat is docked on the banks of the Tagus river in Lisbon. You're visit of the ship will take you back in time to its glory days. You'll think you were actually there...


The last sail-powered ship built for the Portuguese navy, it was also the last ship to sail the route to India.

It was built at Daman, a former Portuguese colony, and launched in October 1843.

The frigate has been entirely restored to its original 1850's condition.

 Back view

In addition to the presentation of preparations for getting under way, the reconstruction of scenes of life on the boat in the 19th century are particularly realistic and make you feel a part of the atmosphere of this frigate from days gone by.



The frigate D.Fernando II e Gloria is also used for cultural and social events.

You will really enjoy your visit to the frigate, which makes you realize just how powerful the Portuguese war machine was in this era.

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