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Praia do Gincho

The Windsurfers' Beach

Gincho is THE spot for windsurfing in Portugal. If you're not an experienced windsurfer, you may just want to watch the real pros...


The generous ocean unfurls its beautiful waves all year round on to this beach.

In fact, it is such a good spot for windsurfing that certain stages of the World Championships take place here.


 View of the cliffs

With the cliff as a backdrop, the wind and thermal winds can be quite powerful in the summer due to the venturi effect.

In the winter, there is less wind, making conditions more favorable for surfing. But, beware! This place is for experts. The ocean is particularly unpredictable and dangerous here.

 View from the beach

You'll admire the feats of the local surfers (such as Luis Galicero) while you're sitting at the Gincho Bar, sipping a cool drink.

The bar is open in the evening for drinks and dancing. The surfing conditions are optimal at high tide and when the thermal winds start blowing in the early afternoon.

There are of course other good windsurfing spots all along the coast, like behind la cabo de roca at the Praia grande. The graceful ballet presented to you by the windsurfers is a show you can't miss!

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