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The Pena National Palace


Pena National Palace

Located 18 miles from Lisbon, the town of Sintra possesses a very surprising monument.

The Pena National Palace is a mix of styles and bright colors. The building was used as a royal residence.


Pena Nayional Palace

You have to earn your visit to the palace... from downtown Sintra, it's a 1.7 mile walk uphill to the palace! If you're feeling lazy, you can always take a taxi.

When you first see the place, your first reaction will be surprise, which will soon give way to curiosity.

Built by Fernando Cobourg Gothas on the ruins of a monastery from the 16th century, the style of the palace is a blend of Gothic, Manueline, and Romantic influences which make for a very explosive combination!

Is it possible that the famous amusement park in Paris simply copied the style of palace for one of its attractions?

Pena National Palace

The inside of the palace is just as fantastic. The interior decoration is quite pretty. The disparity in styles is remarkable. Yet each piece of furniture, each object is of the highest quality craftsmanship.

The palace was used as a royal residence until 1910; the year when D. Manuel II and his family moved in as exiles from the revolution.

The palace is really worth a visit, especially on Sundays when it's free. You should watch out though for the hoards of tourist groups.

And don't forget to take a walk on the pretty little path around the palace.

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