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Gastronomic Sorrento Private Tour

Gastronomic Sorrento Private Tour
95.00 €
Activity type : Gastronomy
City : Sorrento
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This private tour offers you the opportunity to discover the original taste of local products in Sorrento as lemons, olive oil, fresh-made mozzarella cheese, pizza, and limoncello. You will be driven by a local chauffeur and discover some of the most fascinating view points of Sorrento hills and visit different local farms. The genuineness, ancient perfumes and local traditions are the characteristic features of this route. Sorrento has its secrets, and there is no better way than to be guided by local and experienced people, who are inclined to share with you the good fate of this land.
Breath-taking views, authentic flavors and a lot of fun. What else do you need?

Your private tour starts with a visit to one of the oldest lemon gardens on the Sorrento Coast. The original lemon of Sorrento has been recognized as an international product protected by the European Union, in fact it received the LimonediSorrento I.G.P. denomination. The target of this exploration is to let you note the differences with its cousin grown on the Amalfi Coast. The techniques used for Sorrento lemon cultivation are special characteristics of this land.

Another secret of the Sorrento Coast is the olive oil, and this will be your next stop. Italian olive oil is famous all over the world and each different region produces its own olive oils which are created with different techniques. Sorrento Coast has very old traditions and the factory for your tour has spent years improving its work. Explore first the olive grove and mill, then finally, the tasting.

After the olive oil tasting, proceed up to the hill to enjoy the amazing landscapes between the Sorrento and Amalfi Coasts. A short drive will take you to the cheese factory. The first stop of this visit is the stables for a look at daily sequences of farm life. Then see a demonstration of mozzarella, treccia and caciotte-making. After admiring the process of production it is time to taste it. The cheese tasting also includes provolone.

After the cheese experience, it is time to learn how make an authentic pizza. Pizza is a special product originating in Naples. It will be a perfect lunch and a fun option to learn how to make the most consumed and best- known product in the world. Your pizza maker will explain all the steps and secrets to prepare a good pizza using only natural ingredients.

At the end of this meal, make your way to a spectacular place where you will admire wonderful views of Capri Island and then to a limoncello factory and its lemon garden. Limoncello is another product that identifies Sorrento. It's a liqueur used as a digestive with a very simple recipe. Here the owner shows you the most important limoncello peculiarities and special characteristics, then after the demonstration and explications about the local system they make you happy with a taste of their products. At the end of demonstration and tasting, take a walk in a Sorrento lemon garden which lies at center of the little town.

Ref : D-129654-SO

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