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Elche on the Costa Blanca

Elche, Elx as it's know in Valencian, is well-known for its palm grove, the largest in Europe.

And yes, it's true, an ocean of palm trees does await you. To date, there are more than 200,000 of the trees over a surface of 430 hectares.

 Palm groveThe Phoenicians created the palm grove in the 6th century BC, taking advantage of a warm climate and an ingenious irrigation system.

The female palms produce dates in the winter, and the bleached palms of the male trees are used for handicrafts and in festivals all over the region.

Palm Trees in Elche

The pruning and upkeep of palm trees that can be as tall as 30 meters requires a very skillful hand.

Specialists are needed for the job. These men climb to the tops of the trees to cut off the damaged palms.

The specialists are in demand all over the region.




Basilica SAnta Maria

Without a doubt, the Priest's garden; a magnificently cool haven of tranquility, with its great variety of cacti, including the infamous "mother-in-law's cushion", and especially the imperial palm tree with its seven branches.

The municipal park

The archeological museum

The basilica Santa Maria

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