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Seville in beautiful Andalusia ( 1 2 3 )

The end of the afternoon is the ideal time to take a stroll through one on Seville's parks and gardens. Each Spring, in the "city of orange trees", the sweet, fruity perfume of orange blossoms fills the street.

Most parks in Seville are pleasant little hideaways, tucked away from the fray of the city, vestiges from the city's Arab past.

Buggy tour in Maria Luisa's Park One of the most spectacular examples of this tradition is the Alcazar garden.

Of Islamic design, it boasts a subtle mix of irrigation canals, waterfalls, and ceramics that bring out the wonderful colors of the jasmine, Dama de la Noehe (a highly fragrant flower) and bougainvillea plants.

Plaza de Espana

The veritable lungs of the city, Maria Luisa park and its plaza de Espana  is decorated with azulejos ceramic tiles representing the provinces and cities of Spain.

Around the central pool, a wonderfully pleasant oasis, you'll find both tourists and natives taking a rest in the cool air.

Around the Plaza de Espana The major buildings in Seville's parks were built for the 1929 Universal Exhibition. The plaza de Espana was designed by Anibal Gonzales and it is a real masterpiece.

The 200 meter wide semicircle is composed of a series of panels of azulejos tiles, each one representing a different Spanish province or city.

San-Vicente and San-Lorenzo.
The two districts that overlook the Guadalquivir, just over the river from Cartuja island, were first constructed in medieval times and continued to develop during the Renaissance and the Baroque periods.

Both districts are richly decorated and contain a large number of monuments.

Arenal is the district with the most symbolic importance for bullfighting Aficionados. The Maestranza arena, built between 1761 and 1881 is located there.

The Maestranza Arena The theater in the Arenal district is the home for the National Symphonic Orchestra of Seville, which offers a program of high quality music, dance and opera.

You can begin your visit to the district at the plaza de Toros, take a tour of the theater and the Real Maestranza.

If you follow along the riverbank, you'll find the Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold), built by the Moors in 1220. Located at the end of the former fortified wall, it protected the port from enemy ships and invasions.

It gets its name from the golden azulejos tiles that covered it, but that have since disappeared. At the embarcadero, located near the Torre del Oro, you'll see boats that sail down the Guadalquivir everyday to Cartuja island.

On Sundays, from May to October, you can take a very pleasant cruise down the Guadalquivir from Seville to Sanlùcar, a town located at the mouth of the river.

On the other bank of the Guadalquivir, there is a district called Triana where a portion of the Andalusian Gypsy population settled. The wharfs and high protective walls from that time (19th century) are still standing today.

The many bars and taverns (Bodegas) in the neighborhood, make it a colorful and lively place. On Alfareria street, you can still find a number of potters' stores and workshops where the traditional craft of Triana ceramics is carried on.

The infamous Alley of the Inquisition is actually quite beautiful with its many Andalusian houses and their flower-covered patios.

Universal Exposition

On the island of Cortuja, where the 1992 Universal Exhibition took place, there is a theme park called Isla Màgica.

Vistors can travel to 16th century Seville, explore the New World and enjoy some very surprising, even astonishing entertainment...

This verdant green park, stretched out over about 10 acres, has many restaurants and businesses and is a favorite place for natives to go for a walk.

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