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Paella alicantina: the recipe


For six people: one rabbit, 1.25 lbs of rice, 2 red peppers, one large tomato, 1/4 lb of chickpeas, 2 ñoras, 10 fluid oz. of olive oil, one head of garlic, salt and saffron.

Pour the olive oil into the center of the heated paella pan.

Add the garlic and the 2 ñoras.

When they have browned, put them aside in a mortar and pestle.

Slice the peppers into quarters and add them and the tomato to the pan.

As soon as they have browned, remove them from the pan and add the rabbit cut into small pieces and let cook over a hot fire.

Meanwhile, crush the garlic, salt and the ñoras until you obtain a thick, black paste. Add the tomato and the saffron to the paste.

When the rabbit is well browned, and while the fire is still hot, pour in the rice and the paste from the pestle.

Mix well with a wooden spoon.

Add about 3 quarts of water.

As soon as the rice is well distributed, arrange the peppers around the top.

The cook must keep a constant watch on the fire.

Do not stir! After 15 to 20 minutes, take the paella off the heat and wait a few minutes before serving.

Serve with red wine and some good aioli.



le peña des Capetes

Article written during the 1998 Villajoyosa paella contest


How to make good aioli
With advice from Ayolette!

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