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The Talgo Trainhotel

The fastest train between France and Spain! So that our train trip would not just be a simple parenthesis between two capitols, we chose the train Francisco de Goya, which leaves Paris at 7:41 PM and arrives in Madrid the next morning at 8:58 AM.

Traveling on a Talgo train is like revisiting the charming past of this traditional form of transportation with all the comforts of a modern hotel.
Isabelle in the Talgo
There are at least two advantages to traveling on a Talgo train:

with their very well thought out arrival and departure times, you'll begin your day in the heart of town after a night spent in a real bed and a good breakfast.

This allows you to be fresh and ready for your day of discovery in the capitol of Spain.

You also save yourself two nights in a hotel.

Many discounts are also available, which make this way of traveling not only fast and pleasant but also inexpensive.

Des compartiments pour 4 personnes

The train hotels have several different types of compartments: singles, doubles or four people compartment.

There also 3 different categories of compartments: tourist class, business class and first class.

Each compartment has a sink and comfortable beds. The dining car is available to anyone.

Compartments in first class even have a toilet and a shower.


Paris Barcelona Discovery, Ticket bought a month ahead of time 153 €

Paris Madrid Business Class, Discovery, 2 persons traveling together 254 €

Paris Barcelona First Class double 263 €

Contact the company to get the best ticket prices,

The company offers many different kinds of discounts:

children from 4 to 11 years old, a during the week discount from Monday to Thursday,

discounts for two people traveling together with a reservation,

60 or over discounts,under 26 discounts,discounts for reservations made more than 30 days before departure.

Talgo's Trainhotels take you to Spain every single day of the year

Since September 24th, 2000, you can board the "Trainhotel" Francisco de Goya in Blois France, as well as the "Trainhotel" Joan Miro in Orléans les Aubrais and in Limoges, for your trips to Madrid and Barcelona.

When you arrive in these cities, connecting trains will allow you to get other towns, such as Cordoba, Seville, Tarragone, Valencia or Alicante simply and rapidly.

To get away from it all, take the fastest hotel between France and Spain!

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