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Ko Lanta

Adventures at the end of the world - Koh Ngai

Koh Lanta is in the West South of the Thailand. It is an about fifty Islands. The most part is deserted. 15 of them are classified Natinal Park.



Koh Lanta Yai is an island of 20.0000 inhabitants ,95% of this population is Muslim, which can go up and down in motor bike for 150 to 200 Bahts/ day approximately 4 to 5euros.


It's a good way to discover and to across the 25 km in lenght of the island. This road is marked with old artisanal gasoline pumps (petrol stations).

In the centre of the island , where the road takes altitude ( up to 500 meters) don't miss the panoramic sight of the first restaurant. There, the owner will receive you with smile and warmth.

you will very please him by coming to admire the seplendid survey of the sun(sunset&sunrise), between two of these huge stones posed on the sea.

magnificent house

More low in the south of the island, in the village Lanta, date on Pier.

This pier is on a sea, a building of very precarious wood, which risks disappearing with the next waves.

Have a quick look in Stamm Guest-House and if you have courage, span over the last boardwalk on this old little house in complete dilapidation, straight taken out from a film of Hitchcock.

The most beautiful beaches are in the West North and in the South; In the west centre the ground is stonier.

In the centre some rubber plantations and an excursion of caves will impose necessary financial years. Someone of your muscles put to sleep by the long intensive sessios of suntan on the beach.

In effect, here, the muscles which work, are especially : those of your ankles to regulate the flapping of palms and those of your eyelids to mast fish and corals.


In Koh Lanta Yai, even if you are on an island, you will not feel insulated.

Firstly, because bungalows develop at a prodigious speed and then because, on a village as Ban Saladan.

You will find there all that you need, and even more : bank, groceries,resto, centres of diving, electricity spans over the sea.

These huge electrical pylons spoil the landscape a bit at the arrival of the ferryboat. But good news, it is that on all islands and for 30 B/hour (less than 1 euro), you will have access in countless Internet coffees : nice and inexpensive means to share your emotions.

In total, you will find about fifty residences bungalows. The most part of them will be able to organize for you the visits of islands, rent you motorbikes or offer you divings (via notably the club of Ban Saladan) to be absolutely seen : plus 200 kinds of corals and 108 kinds of listed fish.

From Koh Lanta, your skin will have become red orange, not only because of sunstrokes, but also because you will have been coated with a reddish (red) dust, from head to feet.

How to go in Koh Lanta ?
Plan of Koh Lanta Island
Diving in Koh Lanta

South West Thailand

2 hours from Krabi
3 hours from Trang
1 hour from Koh Phi Phi (by boat)
4 hours from Bangkok by plane
14 hours from Bangkok by bus (about 1000 km)

In north of the island ,a good address, just a step away from Ban Saladan, Kaw Kwang Beach Resort : very nice beach, corals and rocks nearby, very devoted service : a good address for small and big, young and less young. In brief, it is the Wed club :Kaw Kwang Beach Resort.

Another address more "luxury" Sri Lanta Resort (rooms around 150 euros) a refined, respectful site of nature and devoted to environment, the owner should shortly organize there treks and small adventures, with in the neighbouring jungle.

Sri Lanta Resort tel 075 697 288 9 Temprature and current time :current time

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