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Go to Koh Ngai

Adventurs at the end of the world- Ko Ngai

Koh Ngai is one of a dream beach, which face up strange rocks posed on the water, one of the finest and whitest sands in the world, a turquoise dazzling water. A resort worthy of the producers of the French version of Survivor on TF1.

magnificent Sunset

Besides that there are multiple locations all around in the Planet. The famous team "The adventurous of Ko Lanta" stayed during more than 2 months.


Koh Ngai was particularly selected for its strategically position which allows to circulate between the various islands, where the play took place :

- 2 twins islands of Ko Rok, where the candidate stayed up to 45 days.

- Koh Muk which shelters several beaches among which that of Emerald Cove, ideal cave for all the pirates (we can swim under a thick wall of rocks) as well as the National park in south of Koh Lanta Yai.

In the beginning of the year 2001, during the two months of filming, up to 10 speed boats (kind of big outboard motor boat) insured the connections between various islands, as soon as sun rises.

An evening until late night,team " dérushaient "(visonnage and select the best moments of the turning day)on the spot in KohNgai Resort, more exactly in The Villa of Resort.

Koh Ngai Beach

This big house front of the Emerald Cove is mostly rented by Thai families(except in Noël, rented by rich swiss family).

It will cost you minimum 15000B, but you can also satisfied yourself with a simple air-condition bunglow( all it's same). Here, you can see rooms with fans.

During the tourist season one diving club held by German takes the best underwater spots, unless you prefer the surface with the very frequent shuttles in direction of al lthe island environantes.

Beach in Koh Ngai

 If you are V.I.P, on the other side of the beach, there is a Fantasy Resort,where you will have to go.

This Resort is managed by the same company as of the Ko Ngai Resort (which owner has also a hospital Trang).


You will find around thirty bungalows (more than dozen rooms currenty in construction) all air-conditioned with mini bars...

A more disinfected version, more select but always fine sand with abundance.

Thai with two continental quilts and the red umbrella on the way of sunshade, will accomodate you there and will show you the way to go from one to the other resorts : a short but testing walk where you will cross a very escrapee hill and there you will see some large geykos (lizards).


Very easily, you can go one to the other beach. On return of one of these escapades. May be you will have to be received with a fresh coconut and a straw.

So much refreshing Singha Beer. In Koh Ngai, the sea is clean, clear and its green and blue waves are so amaging that gives the best ground of game.

With or without mask (it is really better with) you will spot countless varieties of fish, corals.

Attention ! don't see on an island at the ends of the earth. which wants, harassment is omnipresent there.

A Psychologist was engaged by the production team on the working conditions of the team the adventurers of Koh Lanta to avoid any skid, perhaps to reassure the Examination of Job, which will not fail to investigate here, as in the Loft story of Saint-Denis Plain.

Stay at Koh Lanta on Koh Ngai 12 days

Stay in Thailand 14 days


Leave to Koh Lanta!

Island South West of Thailand
Province of Trang
45 minutes by boat from Pak Meng
3 hours from Trang

The island has few structures lodging but and Travelonweb went especially on the spot to prepare your stay.

Stay at Koh Lanta in Koh Ngai for 12 days

Temperature and current time :

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