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Ko Phagnan

Koh Phagan Beach

It is on the autoway : mini version of the paradise, without airport and yet become too tourist. Less boats, less traffic and with less concentration of resorts.


For those who came to Koh Samui, more than 12 years ago, they will find Koh Phagnan, before the building of the airport.

This environment "ugly back", where you will be able to spend yours magic moments without much money.

Not a wonder that a strong population from 18 to 30 years meets there for long days, in waiting of evenings which one imagines still more torrid.

Regularly on the beach of Haadrin, almost all tourists around Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao gather for huge "Full Moon Parties", kind of huge "turnip left" on the beach (to 15.000 people).

Thai bar

On this beach, you will find bars,which distil music rather planantes of style Cafe Del Mar or Buddah Bar.

Even there you will find a very strategic Internet coffee who will allow you to check and to answer your mails, between a milkshake with banana and a sea bathing in the middle of pretty girls and young beautiful young men!

Attention, this beach can be largely over-populated during the tourist season. If this strong density disturbs you, then return on Thong Nai Pan Noi and Thong Nai Pan Yai less used beaches.

Because there transport is not very easy. Especially during the rain season where mud torrents carry whole pieces of hills. We can easily imagines that Hoton Nai Pan Yai is an ideal place to share the privileged moments of the life...

Ride on elephant

Everywhere on the island have many beautiful beaches but little of them give the possiblility of diving fast : slopes are very soft and oftenly it is necessary to cover several hundred meters before really being able to indeedswim. The state of roads is clearely in improvement.

They remain however very abrupt and if you use a motorized vehicle, it will be necessary to learn how to use the driving brake, otherwise"you will fix the engine my daughter, give the contact, make quickly, you will fix...


Another way, more radical, to leave the crowd is to follow a training period of 10 days meditation at Wat Khao Tham. That is a kind of small monastery in Ban Tai, side centers of the island.

Some places are available for the foreigners in search of detachment. A participation starts from 3500 B (approximately 10 euros per day) is required for the expensive of lodging and meals.

Then if you are motivated, you can go on place for pre-inscription or write in Khao Tham, KB Pha-Ngan, Surat Thani.

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North from Koh Samui island

The boat which will you carry out on the island, the pickups will offer you guesthouse where you will be able to stay.

Compare the geographical situation and rates, made your choice on the boat. At arrival the pick up will wait for you to bring in the selected guest house. Like that we save a taxi but especially time.

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