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The biggest suite of the world

 guests'lounge is always up to date and visited the biggest suite of the world for you.

Located in Hammamet in the five-star hotel Hasdrubal, the biggest suite of the world strectches over about 1542 square meters.

When you get in the presidential villa Salaammbô, you don't realise that you are already in.

There is so much space that you think you are in the corridors of this sumptuous hotel.

I endeavoured to make a list of the suite's equipments, but it soon became clear that it was an impossible task: they are so rich and numerous!

 biggest suite of the world
  • a separate entrance with a garage and a private car park
  • 5 big rooms with private living rooms and bathrooms with a view on the sea
  • A big "lounge of honour" and 3 private drawing rooms
  • A dining room for 14 people ( in fact 50 people could fit in!)
  • an office
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • a Spa
  • a hammam
  • a sports room
  • and so many other equipments...

Each room has its own dominant and only colour. They are all arranged the same way. However, the decoration is a bit disappointing because it is too conventional. An exhibition of great luxury is expected, but it is not really the case.

However, the bathrooms next to the sleeping rooms are richly furnished. Taps, glass holders and toilet paper holders are made out of gold and surrounded by marble and exotic wainscots.

The toilets are as spacious as a small flat in Paris. It triggers a feeling of "too much": too much luxury, too much space... I can picture myself living here for a week, but not more. Swollen head guaranteed !

I got lost while visiting the suite. I managed to find my way back after a few minutes. Otherwise I would not have been able to tell you this weird and unforgettable experience...

luxurious bathroom  red suite  yellow suite

F.G ©


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