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Hammamet's fort

 fort and medina - overall sight

The fort (Kasbah) is located in the west corner of the medina and faces the sea. Although it is about 7 centuries old, the fort is still very well preserved.

It was built according to Hamouda Bel Hadj Fraj's demand in 1474, so as to strengthen the city's protections against foreign invaders.

In recent times of lingering peace, the fort doesn't have military functions anymore.

Therefore, it is very easy to reach it and to have of stroll there.You may climb up the fortified walls and enjoy the wonderful view on the surroundings.

the fortified walls of Hammamet's fort

The streets of the medina are rather narrow and you get lost easily here.

Don't worry, you soon find your way back because of the medina's rather small size.

Here again, stallholders and merchants will call on you to get in their shops "for the pleasure of the eyes".

learn how to refuse, even if you need to insist on it ( read our advices for hagglers). However, good deals could be made.

Blue doors in Hammamet's fort

While wandering in the streets, you will see typical doors or facades.

Tunisians use four main colours on their buildings: green, the colour of islam and hope; white, the colour of purity; blue, the colour of the sky and water; and yellow, the colour of the sun and the sand.

As you take a stroll in the narrow and shaded streets of the medina, bear in mind that the temperature is a few degrees lower than in the rest of the town.

Take it into account when you chose your clothes.

Fishing boats on the beach of Hammamet's fort



In front of the fort, a sandy beach is used as a hold of ship for fishing boats. A very nice sight, especially when the sun is out...



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