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shores of Istanbul

A nautical excursion on the Bosporus offers you one of the most surprising views of the this 19 mile long strait, a historical jewel wedged between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea.

Even today, the Bosporus is a strategically important waterway, and has played a major role in the history of Turkey and its inhabitants for centuries.

Mosque of Mecidiye

The boats that leave from Istanbul allow visitors to feast their eyes on grand mosques and Ottoman palaces.

The large, magnificent wooden sculpted houses along its banks are particularly sought after by rich foreigners who use motor boats and even private cablecars to get to their properties.


The ferry that takes you on the Bosporus sails along both sides of the strait so that you can admire all the views, the slender minarets, and the magnificent domes of A the Mosques.Eminönü-Kavaklon

Generally, boats leaves from Eminönü-Kavaklon everyday at 10:30, 12:30 and 2:00.

You can choose to get off at any of the stops on this boat which zizags between the banks of Europe and Asia. 

If you decide to return to Istanbul in a dolmus (minibus) you won't regret your decision, because the ride is just as pleasant as your trip on the boat.

You can also sail the Bosporus from the pier at Besiktas.

From there you can sail down nearly 15 miles of the Bosporus, dotted here and there with the charming little villages on its banks.

There are also cruises available to the Prince Islands in the Sea of Marmara.


These Ottoman style wooden houses, nestled between the hills and the Sea, called "yalis", are the ultimate expression of oriental living.

As they are often the victim of fires, there are only about 30 authentic "yalis" left. These much sought after houses have been sold for as much as 50 million dollars.

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