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Vietnam, photos and informations

Port city of Antalya

Hoa Lu

Many travel agencies in Hanoi offer day excursions to Hoa Lu, the former capitol of Vietnam in the year 1000, located about 60 miles to the south of Hanoi. Hoa Lu, also calledview of the Vietnamese countryside ...

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meanders of the Mekong

The Bay of Along
The bay of Along

The soul-stirring Village of Hoi An
Hoi An

Encense's Main Factory

The Emperor's Tomb

Mandarin Route
Mandarin Route


Hoa Lu
Hoa Lu




 Take advantage of it while it lasts! Vietnam has not yet been invaded by mass tourism. After a general rise in 95, price are now quite reasonable again.

If you like to get away from the cold in the winter, you should know that the best time to visit Vietnam is from November to March. From the Bay of Along through the twist and turns of the Mekong, Vietnam brings out enough emotions and gives you enough memories to last a life time.


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