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Who are we ?

Azurever is the first company to provide a next generation "Destination Services" distribution system, specializing solely in "Activities" solutions, enabling increased revenues for its customers and suppliers.

The Company offers the largest choice of 15 000 activities to do while traveling from over 10 leading and independent Distribution services suppliers in 85 countries over 500 destinations, in 5 languages.


Azurever's technology provides information websites such as Media Websites, official Tourism Organizations, Airport, Travel Guides Websites etc., with an exceptional source of revenue, with real time access to pricing, availability and booking information. Azurever also enables reduced costs and increased Return On Investment, managing and marketing the Destination Services content.

Via Michelin Voyage a Case Study

Azurever has recently announced a multi-year partnership to become the Destination Services distribution partner for the ViaMichelin travel guide, to offer Destination Services to the millions of visitors on the various Travel Viamichelin websites in 5 languages around the world.

Azurever enables Viamichelin visitors real time access to pricing, availability and bookings, with access to over 15 000 products globally. Azurever's offering is in a standalone, metasearch format as well as promoting cross-sell model alongside the other ViaMichelin products. Visitors can book their activities in the "Leisure" section of the Via Michelin Voyage websites.


Azurever is a privately-owned company headquartered in Paris, France.
Azurever's target customers include: Airlines, Lodgings (hotels, villa and apartment rentals, hostels), Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Information Websites (Media websites, National Tourism Organisations, Airport websites etc.), Travel & Transportation (Car Rental, Rail and Ferry sites), Retail Travel Agents (Corporate and Leisure Travel Agents). The Azurever product suite has been specifically tailored for each target market, servicing all types of business models and customers of all sizes.

or by phone : +33 (0)1 73 75 89 63

AZUREVER SAS - 5, rue Daunou 75002 Paris - France

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Find activity
Where are you going ?
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